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4300 Lyons Ave, Houston, Tx 77021


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Hue Technology will build a MESH network as part of a phased neighborhood WIFI approach. A Mesh Network is a group of devices that act as a single WIFI network. The Mesh network will share the broadband connection. Hue Technology will install Broadband and or Fiber Optic cabling to a secure Network.


The Supernode (main network) will have a rooftop antenna that will point to 2 other POP locations with rooftop antennas providing a triangle of broadband connectivity. The antennas located on 3 main buildings will provide WIFI connectivity to 4 apartment buildings in the 5th Ward neighborhood community.

5th Ward CRC has partnered with h.u.e Technology and Comcast to complete this initiative.

Install setup 1.PNG

Neighborhood Wifi MESH Network

layout install to home 2.PNG
Install layout to apartment 3.PNG

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