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04.23.2024 | h.u.e TECHNOLOGY, LLC | HOUSTON, TEXAS 


Houston, Texas – April 15, 2024 – h.u.e Technology, a local M/WBE technology company, thanks in part to a microgrant issued by Evolve Houston through its 2024 eMobility Microgrant Initiative, will launch “The ChargeIT EV Trailer,” an ideal solution for disaster recovery base station and locations. Evolve Houston is a 501(c)3, public-private collaboration that convenes the public sector with industry and community residents to accelerate electric vehicle (EV) adoption and deliver real benefits to the community through the shared values of environment, economy, and equity. Evolve Houston partners with local nonprofits, Community Champions, and Corporate Catalysts for the eMobility Microgrant Initiative to award funding to grassroots eMobility projects that address community mobility needs in Houston’s historically underserved neighborhoods. 

Recently, h.u.e. Technology has begun piloting its newest venture, ChargeIT- EV, an EV mobile charging station enterprise, in 2023. ChargeIT- EV Trailer’s emergency response units and electric vehicles will work to ensure that critical services and transportation needs are not disrupted during natural disasters, weather phenomena, and travel. The trailer will be equipped with mobile charging stations, and other technical/electrical equipment for EV users and device charging along with PPE equipment to help support drivers as well as First Responders, Emergency Management Systems, and disaster relief organizations. 

As one of Houston’s fastest-growing women-owned and operated technology companies, h.u.e Technology is forging a path as being one of the #1 preferred technology vendors. h.u.e Technology is powered by a passion for protecting businesses, and organizations by being an ideal solution for all of their Technology needs; they are listed in the Black Book Houston Directory and OutSmart Magazine 

h.u.e Technology has been recently nominated: 

● Black Book Houston - Outstanding Performance 2023 

● RHCA Luna Awards Nominated for Women of the Year and Firm of the Year - 2023

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