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Local Shots

I love Houston Texas.  The city had some of the biggest  Corporate Companies in an era when downtown Houston hosted Oil & Gas companies like Exxon Mobil, Shell Oil, Enron, & Chevron.  
The famous Exxon Mobil Building was built in 1963. At that time this building was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River.  When I worked there I had the pleasure of meeting many employees who started working at the company as college students back in the 60's still  there.  
Enron left a mark on this country that changed how corporations do business forever.  This beautiful building which was once Enron now is the headquarters for Chevron Oil.
Houston has a wonderful reputation for accepting the arts.  The EADO side of the city is full of beautiful graffiti art. We decided to feature other photographers from all over just a fun page for our visitors to the site to enjoy awesome photos.
    Houston City(FB)
FreeLance Photographer's
Personal Shots from my iPhone  (blue dots)
Del Ingram

What is your opinion?

Brandin Rush
Houston light Rail Downtown
Houston Downtown
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